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Singer/songwriter/musician Dene Marie Jomei has had a life-long love for music. From classical piano lessons at the age of three to majoring in music in college, Dene Marie has traveled a winding road of self discovery in music. A multi-award winning, successful ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) songwriter and publisher, multi-instrument musician, dancer and choreographer as well as voice-over artist, this dynamic songstress has many talents indeed.

She grew up a shy child, playing and singing along to a wide variety of favorite artists such as Heart, Led Zeppelin, Pat Benetar, Journey, Boston, Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon, Sheena Easton, as well as Barbra Streisand, Connie Francis and Tony Bennett - they were all a source of great happiness and inspiration. Dene Marie's parents enrolled her in classical piano lessons at the age of three which culminated in early songwriting at the age of 5. However, the catalyst for her songwriting began with one high school dance, senior year.

Jaugernaut, one of the hottest Pacific Northwest rock bands, played that dance and she was completely mesmerized. The energy, showmanship and larger-than-life rock and roll coming from the stage was all it took. Of course their charismatic guitarist was a big draw for her, but their music was definitely very significant and provided much homework for the budding songwriter.

After years of piano and dance lessons, choir, and concert band, Dene Marie graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Music. Next, she spent a frustrating year as a studio engineer, only to realize she was on the wrong side of the glass. She began singing and performing professionally which brought her some happiness, but she was torn between the more traditional ideas her parents had for her and the artistic one she was born with. Eventually her desire for a creative outlet overcame any reluctance - a relocation to Los Angeles was inevitable.

Once settled in her sunny, new surroundings, Dene Marie began playing guitar, expanding upon her songwriting skills, and performing in several cover bands and solo showcases across town. She began compiling her songs and by the summer of 1999 her demo EP was underway. Collaborating with San Diego musician Steve Zonce, the two dove right in without any direction and without any operational knowledge of their recording software. It was a fast and hard crash course, but well worth the experience.

After completing their project, Dene Marie began recording, on her own, even more music back in Los Angeles. By May 2000, Dene Marie's self-titled, 12 song studio LP of original music was released. It was a success! Shortly afterwards, Dene Marie was launched further into the spotlight by being featured in Los Angeles Magazine.

For her second full-length studio album, 6 Down 6 Up, Dene Marie chose to work with talented producer Dizz whose influence created quite a difference. There's still a plethora of styles with shades of Elvis Costello, Crowded House, The Cars, The Runaways, Gladys Knight and the Pips, to name a few, all included in some way. Relationships (good and bad), experiences (good and bad), growth and maturity have shaped this songwriter into a bolder, intrepid, assured creator, without losing any of the genuine quality of her first release.

Vocally, Dene Marie is reminiscent of Linda Ronstadt, Pat Benetar, Maria McKee and Gwen Stefani all rolled into one. Pop, Funk, Rock, Blues, Country and Folk influences are all evident in Dene Marie's passionate and expressive songwriting. Her sound has been described as an "eclectic brand of pop that draws upon a variety of styles, intonations, musical yard sales, and alternative-indie-acoustic peculiarities that demonstrates quite an ability" (Ben Ohmart of The Muse's News). She's not one to hold back the emotive lava which makes her, along with her music, emotionally unforgettable.

Currently residing in Dallas, Texas, Dene Marie has built a large and loyal following with her unique brand of power pop/rock. She has won four ASCAP awards to date recognizing her hard work, performances and music. She is receiving radio airplay on stations across the globe and has been licensed for television and is featured on high-traffic internet music sites where her music has reached Number 1 on several charts.

What does the future hold musically for Dene Marie? A third full-length studio album is long overdue. She has been working on her first book which has brought up a generous helping of musical ideas. Shooting for a recording start date in 2023, let's hope for new music for our ears in 2024.

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